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          Hi my name is Kyle, and I’m an 8th grade student. It is my last year as a middle school student and then I move up to high school.

I’ve thought about what I want for my career goals after college, and I’ve decided that I want to go into the Air Force. I want to become the best fighter pilot and helicopter pilot around,and retire and work for a airline.

       To get into the Air Force I understand that I need good grades and to not have a criminal record. When I was in third grade I began to be interested in planes and helicopters and how they are able to fly. It astonished me how a heavy helicopter can fly in the air with thin rotor blades.

Once I make into the Air Force I want to become the best pilot, and be able to fly every plane and helicopter made.

When I get out of the Air Force I want to work for a airliner and fly around the world. Then earn enough money to buy my own plane and helicopter so I can fly anytime. I know it will be dangerous but I’m wiling to do it so I can fly.

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