My First MLB Game

Kyle Berry                                 class # 2   Mrs. Floyd                9-19-11

It’s Friday July 19, 2008 i was in the third grade and i just got home from school. My dad was home early, to early i walked in the kitchen and looked at the clock. It was 4:00 pm, and then i thought he doesn’t get home till 5 or 5:30 pm. So then i went and asked him, why he was home so early. He said he will tell me at dinner, so i went into my room to do my homework. When i finished I went to see what time it was it was 4:35 pm, so i went back into my room to watch some TV. After two hours my mom said it was time for dinner.I ran out of my room into the dinning room were my dad my mom, and my sister were sitting and eating.
I sat down and started to eat then we started talking about what we did today i said nothing much just tests and boring stuff. He got up before us with his plate and through it away then i asked him if he could tell me why he was home so early. He told me he got tickets from his boss to a sweat at the rangers game i asked him what a sweat was. He replied and said its this room with couches and two flat screen TVs. It had drinks, food and sunflower seeds and glass doors so you could watch the game. I asked him if mom and my sister were going he said yes but not to the game. That night we packed up for the trip he woke me up early in the morning i got dressed and got into the car we left to eat in canton at Ihop. We left and got to the hotel at noon we got in the room and i took a nap. My dad woke me up to go to the game but first we took my mom, and sister to the mall. My dad and me got in the room we at a hamburger and watched the game. The rangers were playing the Los Anglos angels the rangers  got three in and three out up first on the batting line for the rangers was Ian kingslier 2nd was Michal young 3rd was Elvis Andrus

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