Importance of Dealing With Extreme Emotions

Kyle B.

English 1, 4th period

January 14, 2015

Importance of Dealing With Extreme Emotions

” Honk honk.” “Get out of the way old man” says Frank as he races down the highway. Frank then gets cut off by a brand new red 2015 Ford mustang convertible. Raged with anger he starts to yell non-gentlemen like words. Therefore, it is important to deal with extreme emotions because it protects people from self-harm, and prevents a stressful life.

Every day there are people that overreact about traffic jams, having a work assignment with a short due date, or not getting the right drink at a restaurant. For example, a drive-thru customer at McDonald’s got the wrong order and gets arrested for attacking the manager. Therefore, Dealing with extreme emotions early have less of a chance to say anything that can mentally hurt someone’s feelings.

In addition, dealing with extreme emotions can make your life less stressful, whether it is making your way through the tough paper work, or trying to get past the big slow trucks on the highway. For example, in football when someone jumps off-sides the team doesn’t yell at him which makes the player stress about not to do it again, the team encourages him to let him know it’s okay. Therefore, by dealing with extreme emotions you prevent having a stressful life.

As a result, whether it is a wrong order, a heated argument, or a traffic jam. By dealing with extreme emotions you have less of a chance to hurt the people you love and prevent a stressful life.


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