Two Tickets to the Independence Bowl

By:  Kyle                                                                 1-2-12

It was Christmas morning and my sister came in my room to wake me up. She yelled out “SANTA CAME SANTA CAME”! I got out of bed and ran into the living room where I saw presents. I started from little to big, and then the stocking. I got alot of things. I got games, movies, toys,and some clothes but the best thing I got was two tickets to the Independence bowl. My dad told me that my cousin got tickets to and that we were going with them to Shreveport, Louisiana. When we got there there wasn’t that much people, when we got in are seats we saw that Missouri Tigers where playing North Carolina Tar heels. When the teams started to run out I gave them high fives. It started to rain but we stayed .When the game was about over Missouri Tigers were winning so we left when we got home I told my mom how fun it was.

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